How does it work?

November 12, 2015
  1. Register

  2. Activate your account through e-mail

  3. Login and get 3 nodes and 5000 transactions free of charge

  4. Enter the KHAL menu:

    • Dashboard

    All nodes from the system displayed for real time monitoring, GPS coordinates of the node

    • Systems

    Displays all the systems, nodes and boards with physical description

    • Charts

    Graphical view on toggle nodes, Statistic of present value, History

    • Rules

    Create “IF-THEN” rules with possible actuators

    • Alerts

    When the rule recognizes deviation, the system will setup the alert or send an email

    • Profile

    Personal and billing info, API key, License agreement, node and transaction package, payment history, order

    • Log off
  5. Create your own IoT project