Who are we?

November 11, 2015


ESENSO (essential solutions) is a company devoted to innovation, operating in the computer software industry and dealing with application development in order to improve the environment and human life through providing software and services that solve problems, save on resources, provide and realize ideas.

Founded as a startup company in 2012 in Macedonia, ESENSO constantly invests in R&D of the project “KHAL”, an intelligent cloud platform designed for IoT (Internet of Things) systems, which has passed several phases since its introduction. “IDEAS COME TRUE” is KHAL’s motto and philosophy because of its easy way to create systems and monitor and control its devices without computer programing knowledge, which was also the reason for ESENSO to receive a 2014 hub:raum – Krakow award for best project on Warp 2014 for Central and Eastern European region.

The three founders of the company are experienced professionals with more than 70 years of cumulative ICT experience in areas that encompass software development and system integration of local and global companies. As a Macedonian based software company, ESENSO can offer top notch quality, unique and innovative products, all at best price/performance ratio.


In the runnerknowledge society, innovation companies need to develop competitive advantages based on an adequate and intensive use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), which is an essential element of success in today’s life. At ESENSO, we are sincerely focused on gathering the developers around the world and creating their solutions in order to support daily life automation and improve production processes while  providing healthier, richer and sustainable environment at the same time.


visionCreate value services and cutting edge solutions so we can let people around the globe realize the potential and the need for Internet of Things.