Lets talk connected devices

Everyone talks about IoT
Nobody really knows how to do it
Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it
Everyone claims they are doing it...


Save over 70% in mandays with KHAL

A typicall hardware project to reach prototype involves
  • 20% hardware

    Choose and program your hardware. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, Banana Pi. PLCs can serve as development boards

  • 10% Communication

    We provide this layer to you. Take a look at the examples and let your system communicate

  • 70% Cloud

    Use KHAL to visualize your data, set rules, receive alerts and actuate the environment

  • Prototype


Management Team

Experienced professionals with more than 70 years of cumulative ICT experience in areas that encompass software development and system integration of local and global companies
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Mr. Igor Stamatovski

Founder – CEO
Research & Development professional with more than 20 years of experience in the computer software industry, specialized in communication technologies and protocols, new product development and embedded devices
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Vasko Pavloski

Founder – BDM
ICT expert, strategist, entrepreneur and consultant with more than 30 years of work experience in the field of Information Technology and Services
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Biljana Barukchieva

Founder – CTO
Database specialist and project manager specialized in begin-to-end new project development and system integration


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