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March 28, 2015


Dictionary of Frequently used words


  • System – Collection of the hardware that has specific purpose. Implementing your next big idea starts with creating a project. Good name for a system can be: Smart home controller, smart traffic lights controller, smart city controller etc.
  • Board – A hardware board that has internet connection and speaks MQTT. It is best if you name the board by the boards you use. Therefore, Arduino 25, Raspberry Pi 2 or FRIED ARM are good names for your hardware as long you can identify the boards by the name.
  • Node – A sensor which can also be actuator. A good name for node is Temperature, Garage-Motor, Light Relay, Humidity, or something equally logical for you.
  • MQTT –  A protocol developed by IBM, standard for machine to machine communication. Esenso adopted this protocol 2012 and uses its latest version.
  • API – Application Programming Interfaces that ESENSO may make available with the Software or as a separate option from time to time. These interfaces allow your programmers to build integrations with the Software.