Smart City Waste Management

December 2, 2015


Sustainable environment is one of the most important elements of today’s busy world. It means using renewable resources and minimizing the pollution levels throughout the globe. Being environmentally friendly affects everyone and everything around you and it also greatly improves the quality of people’s lives.
So, how can IoT help you become environmentally friendly? Or even more, how can IoT help you create an environmentally friendly network that will be used by many in order to preserve our planet?
The answer is below:

A crowded city with lots of residents and vehicles decides to create a network for smart waste management…HOW?


1. Ordinary trash cans (containers) throughout the city are grouped together in order to create a network
2. Sensors are installed in the trash cans in order to monitor the weight and the volume of the waste (level of fullness)
3. The sensors are connected to an Internet of Things network in order to collect and exchange data with other parties when needed
4. Each trash can has previously adjusted maximum weight and volume tolerance measured by the sensors that can be monitored online from any device via internet
5. When a network of trash cans if full by any of the 2 criteria, the system will inform the disposal services sending them the location of the network that needs disposal
6. Instead of fixed disposal schedule, (which results with poor efficiency and high costs) thanks to the IoT we now have custom schedules based on the needs of the environment


KHAL will help you create wonderful IoT solutions, resulting in a healthier environment, efficiency increase, and most importantly, improvement of the quality of human lives.