KHAL 1.19 Release notes


We are happy to inform you that the new version of KHAL has arrived. Version 1.19 brings you voice control over the system (text-to-speech ability), one new section and various features and improvements. Take a look:

System section improvements:

  • Node details (Number, Text, Binary and GPS categories)
  • Node Visuals (Node Switch, Gauge, Node 1min RT chart)
  • Mosquitto commands (you can get and copy a mosquitto command with one click)
  • Arduino codes (code generation for every node ready to download within second)

Dashboard section improvements:

  • Many dashboards (instead of one, you can now have as many dashboards as you need)
  • Dashboard view (List, Chart, Map)
  • Real-time views, List and Map (GPS Location and tracking enabled)
  • Actuate from Dashboard! Turn on off switch and adjust gauges right from dashboard.

Rules section improvements:

  • Active/Inactive rule (you can turn on/off rules with one click)

Timers (new section):

  • Schedule (create scheduled activities for any minute, hour, weekday and month)

Profiles section improvements:

  • Developer/User mode (chose the mode you need with one click)
  • Coupons add to your balance


Register for free and try KHAL today. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please write to us at or use the form at the bottom of the home page.